I have been in Florence since the 18th of November just visiting friends, getting all my things together to ship back to the states. It’s one of those tasks that you just don’t want to deal with. It means that things are changing, scenery is changing, once again, euros are being spent on shipping costs, energy is being spent. After the whole Cairo thing I have been physically exhausted and haven’t been doing to much but working on my internet obligations. (like this site for example)

I made the horrible mistake of locking my bike up on the street to a pole on the sidewalk for too long. I am guessing the building owner or one of the residents of the building felt that my bicycle was in the way, so they called the police to have the bike removed. which I admit it may very well have been in the way, but not to the point of needing to call the police to cut the locks. A lot of people have nothing better to do other than inconvenience people they don’t know. Its a shame how often people do this to eachother.
I looked up and down the street for the bike thinking I locked it in some other spot, and forgot about it, but soon I realized that the bike was nowhere to be found. I figured out which pole the bike was locked at, and stood there wondering what happened to my bike. There was a wine shop next to the pole where I locked the bike, and I asked the italians that were hanging out drinking wine at 1:00pm “Did you guys see what happened to a green bike that was locked up right here?” They told me the police had cut the lock, and it shouldn’t have been locked up there. Im guessing they may have been the ones to have called the polizia. Rats.
I soon found the foot police who write tickets for improperly parked cars and scooters and asked them where to recover it. He gave me a phone number to call. I called right away but my italian is bad and thats all the police speak. Luckily my friend Joachim speaks great italian and we figured out where to get the bike. Monday ill go pick it up.
I had a feeling that I might not ever see the bike again when I was locking it up that last time. The bike is full of bad memories of Bekkah. I originally built the bike for her from the ground up. She even picked the color out custom from the automotive paint shop in downtown Fresno. I had collected all the parts for over a year to build one of the lightest fastest bikes possble. When it was complete it weight 14.7 pounds and it was Bekkahs christmas present.
Bekkah and I were at Woodward Park in Fresno just the first day ever riding the freshly built single speed bicycle. We had a good time riding around the park on this cool Fresno overcast day, until she decides to quickly ride ahead out of my sight. Next thing you know she wrecks into a center divider in a parking lot. She had a nice case of road rash, and she appeared to have really messed up her right pinky finger. We soon got her all patched up with first aid supplies from Walgreens. She never rode the bike again. I ended up taking it to Florence. Poor Bekkah…

She just seems doomed to me…

Fixed gear bicycle in Florence

If only this bike could talk... Its been through many changes, but the frame that Bekkah and I painted remains the same, only with rust nic's and scratches.

I have been feeling a little bit under the weather, and aggressively trying to get better.

I felt I should write this because many Florence Academy students frequent my blog, and any FAA student knows that Florence beats your immune system down when it starts getting cold. The place turns into a giant freezer box because Florence is made of all concrete, bricks, and stone. The humidity makes winter bone chilling cold. So if you are a sick Florence academy student, or an Angel or Cecil student you may find these remedies useful.

I use a plethora of remedies to get better after catching something in Florence:

  • One of the most effective remedies for beating a cold is eating a bunch of raw garlic. I also drink lots of orange juice and eat lots of oranges. A mild fast helps as well. I especially try to cut out all sugars because I read somewhere that the cold viruses grow stronger when they are fed sugar. I don’t remember where I read it but it sounds logical to me.
  •    A remedy  I like that I learned from a British girl at school is to boil water, and  put rosemary in it, and then inhale the steam with a towel over your head. Breathe that steam until there is no more steam coming off the water. Blowing on the water encourages more steam to rise. This works as an expectorant. This remedy seems to really work great for that.
  • Hot and Spicy ramen noodles also seem to help speed up the recovery of a cold. In Florence you can find very tasty hot and spicy ramen from the Asain Markets. There is one very close to Santa Spirito, and theres another near the Lion’s Fountain on Saint Egidio.  The hot and spicy ramen has tons of salt and the spicy stuff will make you sweat, which is good for fighting the cold as well…
  • Gargle a bunch of warm salt water. Lots and lots of it. This will help kill the things in your throat that make you feel so terrible.
  • Drink lots of green tea with ginger, mint and orange juice. Avoid sugar. Use honey if you absolutely need to sweeten it. Leave the green tea out at night so you can sleep better.
  • The pharmacy sells cold medicine, and most of the pharmacists speak english. It helps especially supplemented with these more holistic remedies.
  • Avoid pizza. Its difficult in Florence. I’m guilty.

I thought this was a good idea to post for the FAA students because when you are in the Florence Academy because you simply just do not have time to be sick. You are attending a very high pressure, expensive school, and you just cannot afford to be sick during school, and you don’t want others to get sick. Don’t be one of those people who spreads sickness around.

If you are going to get sick, try to hold it off until winter break, or spring break. When you get sick its just your body telling you that you need a break.

Until next time…

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