Fresno’s First School of Realist Art is opening soon!

The First Portraiture Workshop is April 6th!

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Its about time that Fresno gets a real legitimate School of Art/Academy of Art/Atelier that its sole focus is to better the art community in the way of technical Fundamental Drawing and Painting skills, as well as sharing the time tested Secrets of the Old Masters (Making your own paint, preparing linen, making gesso etc…) as well as Art presentation and gallery tech. The Art world is experiencing an aesthetic revolution, and Fresno is following suit, but there has been nowhere to train, and refine these MUST HAVE SKILLS in order to be competitive and relevant in and outside of Fresno until now!


Nigel Robertson (b.1983) is an Academically Trained in Florence Italy at the Florence Academy of Art under the guidance of some of the world’s top artists and living masters. Many of his teachers were students of Odd Nerdrum. He works in traditional methods, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Charcoal, etc… Currently living in Fresno, California, Nigel works to capture the strange beauty of the area, and all of its absurdity with a peppering of social commentary. Nigel makes many of his materials from scratch based on time tested archival methods, including grinding his own oil paint, and making his own sturdy supports to paint upon.¬† Nigel also builds and finishes all his frames, and frame mouldings from scratch in his frame workshop so that the frame perfectly compliments the painting. You could say that he is obsessive when it comes to art.

Nigel can usually be found painting in his studio at 1416 Broadway, in downtown Fresno, in his frame shop at home, or spending time with his wife and one year old son.